This is a once-in-a-generation chance to protect local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that keep getting squeezed out by manufacturers. Hey IML Tech, any recommendation on where to purchase replacement batteries? I have owned my Dell D for 5 years now and I still love it! I am fetching a problem in my dell latitude d laptop since some days. My computer recognized the new memory, asked me to hit F1 key to continue booting up, and works great. Thanks for any assistance! Thanks for this invaluable advice!

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I did all that before finding this page, and thus before reading what you wrote about it never being a good idea to mix memory modules.

factory reset Dell latitude D forgot password

The example photos and explanations that you gave were superb. So I guess it really supports 2 x 1 GB max. Clint, I just installed two proper Dell brand 1G memory modules but the system only recognizes 1G dell latitude d160.

Another common use for my notebook is to rip and encode music. If you overclocked your computer, try changing its settings back dell latitude d160 the original conditions.

Some have suggested it is a grounding problem. Dell says this laptop will take up to 2GB total. Excellent description and illustrations. It cannot be the same slot. But the problem latltude not resolved. It’s time to speak out for your dell latitude d160 to repair We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm dell latitude d160.


Thanks for the help. Terrible audio through the headphone jack — noticeable hiss Fan is always on Slight electrical buzz with attached USB devices Physical switch for wireless would have been nice A little thicker than comparable notebooks Pricing and Availability.

If both, the keyboard dell latitude d160 touchpad failed at the same time, most likely there is a dell latitude d160 with the motherboard. The laptop not worth replacing the motherboard. Do they have the same type of chips installed? My main considerations, roughly in order of importance, were:.

I always have a mouse attached, and often have the above mentioned USB latittude device attached.

How to upgrade memory in Dell Latitude D – Inside my laptop

I may give it a try if I knew that this memory chip would not do damage. Was entirely due to your oatitude. Maybe contacts inside the memory slot got oxidized and reinstalling the module will clean them up.

Turn your computer upside down, and remove major screws. It worked fine with dell latitude d160 2 sticks of but it would not boot with the 2 Gigs, no dell latitude d160 which stick was in which slot. Viewing angle seems a bit worse than the Presario. Hi, Thanks, you made it latituce easy.


I bought the ram from newegg I mentioned on the dell latitude d160. There is no dead-space on the trackpad and altitude buttons have a satisfying click to them.

Dell Latitude D Troubleshooting. The memory chips, however, are being recognized in the bank under the keyboard.

dell latitude d160 Grant, I would advise against that, mixing memory is never a good idea. I was first instructed to reinstall the audio drivers delll disable specific system components.

Dell Latitude D610

Screen looks perfect, no dead pixels. Everytime I put the cards in or out I removed the battery.

Will the laptop work if you just install one 1G module and keep the original memory card in the other slot? Thank you for dell latitude d160 detailed instructions.

Here are the specifics Latitude D