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947.Double Humiliation

Mia’s twin Tia has come to visit. Mia likes to show off to her twin sister, she is going to get you to do some really gross things….

You are my little worm and you must do exactly what I say. First I will make you clean my shoes, while I tell you what I did while wearing them… I bet you can only dream of being able to satisfy me.

Then I will make you beg for my poop. If you can be a good boy and do everything I say without touching yourself then you will get a special reward…..

Can you handle Mia and Tia teasing and humiliating you about your dirty secrets? Will you be a good little worm and worship Mia’s perfect long toes and feet? Do not buy this clip is you are overly sensitive or easily offended!

Length: 21:36s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 549 MB

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