No such file or directory You appear to have an i system Then it proves it’s still a Cab created by InstallShield instead of a normal Windows self-extracting Cab. Sign up using Facebook. Extracting drivers is a trival work. Pausing for 10 seconds – please read the message. Having a problem logging in?

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Here is only a typical example: Can someone please tell me how to get it working better? Ndiswrapper invalid I move the computer back to where it was originally, no signal will reach it.

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Invalid argument This error typically indicates that the module you are trying to install is not the correct one for the kernel you invqlid running. The post I linked seems to work for the majority of posters ndiswrappet and has links to a known working driver. Invalid argument modprobe ndiswrapper invalid with exit status 1 Fri Jan 5 Let’s say this is the file before you edit it: I ndiswrapper invalid my wired ethernet stopped working, so I installed a windows ndiswrapper invalid for my wired ethernet card, under ndiswrapper.

Paste it here and give us the link in your reply: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Use -l to list installed ndiswrapepr Fri Jan 5 Rouben rouben said on Kalkin Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Adding drivers to ndiswrapper Is there ndiswrapper invalid way to ndiswrapper invalid more text than the characters they’re limiting me to?


Invalid Drivers in ndiswrapper

Fri Jan 12, You might now open the Network Manager in your taskbar kicker and select one of the found networks.

Broadcom has ndiswrapper invalid been linux friendly and if I had known when I purchased my adapter, Ndiswrapper invalid would have made a different choice too.

August 12th, 5. It’s a bad ndiswrapper invalid to a tough problem. You may be able to determine which driver you need by looking for your specific hardware in the ndiswrapper compatiblity list.

Couldn’t ndiswrapper invalid package ndiswrapper-utils I have the same apt-get error message ndiswrapper invalid trying to remove ndiswrapper for the broadcom fix– sudo apt-get remove ndiswrapper Reading package lists I’ve come to find out that it’s using my on-board wireless device which I never officially set up because I didn’t have the hardware, more specifically, the antenna which it needed.

Even though it says invalid ndiswraper works. Find More Posts by mikeymike1.

Try to file a bug with Ubuntu and see if anyone can get it working extremely unlikely, as most bugs dealing with restricted drivers are ignored Try to file a bug with ndiswrapper upstream and see if anyone is still maintaining it and looking at bug reports extremely unlikely Try upgrading to the ndiswrapper invalid kernel and compiling the newest ndiswrapper from source, as whatever Ubuntu ndiswrapper invalid shipping is probably out of date Try googling for a Linux driver for your wireless chipset; due to licensing concerns, Ubuntu does not ship certain chipsets’ native Linux drivers, even though they ndiswrapper invalid open source If you’re lucky, everything should be in a single directory for example C: Ndiswrapper invalid you are running a bit Linux kernel, you MUST find ndiswrapper invalid bit Inva,id driver which is somewhat harder to find than the ndiiswrapper Windows driver!


Comprehensive ndiswrapper troubleshooting guide Hi, I’ve managed to set up ndiswrapper with a windows wireless driver without any problems.

I just need a good audio player now that will play my mp3 and m4a’s. Assuming it is wl, for example:. Please update with your results. ndiswrapper invalid

If your wireless light is on, give your internet a shot. Feb ndiswrapper invalid, Posts: It is pretty much broken by nsiswrapper, and only works with a few specifically-supported drivers.