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Puking On My Shit! Scatshop , SamanthaStarfish , Full HD 1080p (BBW,Scat solo,Pooping,Scat eating,Diarrhea) 15.02.2017 , Mega HIT

223.Puking On My Shit! Scatshop , SamanthaStarfish , Full HD 1080p (BBW,Scat solo,Pooping,Scat eating,Diarrhea)

Genre: Full HD 1080p,Scat,Fetish sex, Kaviar, Kinky, Anal fisting,Pooping,Scat eating,Smearing,Scat fuck,Dildo play,Scat solo,Farting,Panty pooping,Masturbation,BBW,Diarrhea

Time: 10 min

I’m going to shit out a huge load right in your face! This shit isn’t for you though! It’s for me! I have something very nasty planned for this load of shit! Look at those huge turds work their way out of my ass! It’s it so hot seeing a girl with a big, juicy ass shit out a huge load of poop!

Now it’s time to get really nasty! Watch as I take one of those huge turds I just shit out and stuff it all into my mouth! I grab my glass toy and force my poop down my throat! I gag immediately but I keep fucking my face! I shove the shit into my mouth and gag and spit all over!

My shit is caked to my toy and it looks like a cock made of shit! I take the other turd and shove that into my mouth as well! I use the toy to pack it into my mouth! I’m gagging hard now! I keep spitting up my shitty, phlegm-y spit! I spit on my big tits and let it drip all over my legs.

I start face fucking myself with my shit! It’s so hot and nasty! I gag hard and I can’t help but puke! Up comes part of my breakfast! That cereal tasted so good going down! The vomit spews out of my mouth and all over my legs! I scoop some up and smear it all over my tits! I smear my shit and shit and puke all over my big, sexy tits!

I don’t stop there! I keep fucking my face and spitting up tons of drool and spit! I love gagging on my shit! Imagine if this was your cock! Covered in shit and my drool and puke! How many times would you cum in my mouth as you were fucking my shit and vomit smeared face!?


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Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 152 Kbps

223.Puking On My Shit!-2


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