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Shitting In Each Other’s Mouths! Scatshop , SamanthaStarfish, ScatGoddess , Full HD 1080p (Lesbian, BBW,Scat couple,Smearing,Pooping) 19.03.2017 , Mega HIT

599.Shitting In Each Other’s Mouths! Scatshop , SamanthaStarfish, ScatGoddess , Full HD 1080p (Scat couple,Smearing,Pooping) Mega HIT

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Time: 17 min

SamanthaStarfish and Scat Goddess Poop In Each Other’s Mouths! I have a little bit of poop in my ass! I want to squeeze it out into Scat Goddess’ mouth! Watch me squat right over her open, waiting mouth! I push and push and out comes a few little turds! I look down on her as she rubs her pussy! Her mouth is full of my poop! I watch as she chews my shit and swallows it all! Then it’s time for her to poop in my mouth! She’s got a few little turds for me as well! I love looking up and seeing her poop sliding out of her ass! I’ve never eaten another girls poop before! Finally, I get to feel it in my mouth! I get to eat all over her shit! It feels so good chewing her poop that I swallow it all! Mmm! I just ate another girls poop! We are both so turned on! We kiss each other with shit in our mouths! It feel amazing kissing the woman who just ate and swallowed my shit! We rub our shit on our face! Scat Goddess rubs my shit on my big boobs and licks it off! It feels so good enjoying our poop together! I give you two great views of this sexy, scat action! Enjoy!Poopfor.me

File size: 1.63 GB
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 192 kb/s

599.Shitting In Each Other’s Mouths!-2


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